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Welcome to The Curve

Hotel in Qatar

The Curve, as the name implies is based on the hotel’s structure that follows the curvature of the Corniche, Doha’s famous shoreline. The architecture allows its’ guests to enjoy the best views of the city. This is the place to embrace the city.

The Curve Hotel offers guests a combination of spectacular views surrounded by premium location. The modern interior provides comfortable settings to accommodate business and tourist travelers alike. Overlooking the Arabian Gulf, it boasts 600 hotel apartments, ranging from studio apartments to one and two bedrooms.

As the most recent addition to Qatar’s hospitality and tourism sector, The Curve hotel is the perfect destination to embrace all that the city has to offer. This luxurious and modern hotel transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with its amenities and special offers as it allows guests plenty of opportunities to indulge and relax.

Warm greetings from The Curve Hotel.

We hope that you and your family are safe and healthy. Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation.The global corona virus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone directly and indirectly affected by the current situation. We are truly inspired by the healthcare workers, other front-liners, local communities and various government bodies around the world who are continuously working to contain this virus.

In the same regard, please know that we are vigilantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation around the clock and have precautions in place to ensure a healthy stay at The Curve Hotel. We recognize how unsettling the times can be, but whether you are visiting us now or in the future, we want you to know that we welcome you with the same warmth and hospitality as we have always done. And that your well-being is our first priority.

We sincerely hope that the global situation improves shortly. We thank you for your support and loyalty.

Stay healthy. Stay safe.


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Essential information on Qatar

Key facts Qatar has been an independent sovereign state since 1971. It is one of the six members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), the others being Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. Qatar comprises an 11,500 sq. km peninsula extending northwards into the Arabian Gulf. It has 563 km of uninterrupted coastline. The country’s population stands at 2.69 million and its capital city is Doha.

Time Local time is GMT/UCT + 3 hours. There are no daylight savings adjustments.

Climate Qatar has a desert climate with year-round sunshine, hot summers and mild winters. Mean monthly temperatures range from 17°C in January to 36°C in July, sometimes reaching highs of 40°C+ during the summer. Rain is infrequent, falling in brief showers mainly in winter.

Visas and Passports

Hamad International Airport Opened in April 2014, the state-of-the-art Hamad International Airport is conveniently located just south of Doha city. Named among the world’s top 10 airports in the 2016 Skytrax awards, it can handle 8,700 passengers per hour and has an annual capacity of up to 50 million.
Immigration formalities, baggage reclaim, and other passenger services are designed to be ultra-efficient. In addition to its role as Qatar Airways’ home base, HIA also serves some 50 other international airlines. The taxi transfer time to the city centre is some 30 minutes.

Thanks to a host of visa facilitation measures, Qatar is now the most open country in the Middle East. Visitors from all around the world can now enter Qatar either visa free, or by filling out simple online applications, depending on the passport they carry. This webpage is designed to keep you up-to-date on the visa policies that are relevant to you, and the process you need to follow to apply for a visa, if necessary.

Visa-Free Entry 
Nationals of more than 80 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar, with varying allowable lengths of stay. Nationals of the eligible countries do not require any prior visa arrangements and can obtain a visa waiver upon arrival to Qatar, upon presentation of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months and a confirmed onward or return ticket.

For nationals of the countries listed below, the waiver will be valid for 180 days from the date of issuance and entitle its holder to spend up to 90 days in Qatar, during either a single trip or on multiple trips.

1. Antigua and Barbuda
2. Austria
3. Bahamas
4. Belgium
5. Bulgaria
6. Croatia
7. Cyprus
8. Czech Republic
9. Denmark
10. Dominican Republic
11. Estonia
12. Finland
13. France

14. Germany
15. Greece
16. Hungary
17. Iceland
18. Italy
19. Latvia
20. Liechtenstein
21. Lithuania
22. Luxembourg
23. Malaysia
24. Malta
25. Netherlands
26. Norway

27. Poland
28. Portugal
29. Romania
30. Serbia
31. Seychelles
32. Slovakia
33. Slovenia
34. Spain
35. Sweden
36. Switzerland
37. Turkey

For nationals of the countries listed below, the waiver will be valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and entitle its holder to spend up to 30 days in Qatar, during either a single trip or on multiple trips. This waiver may be extended for a further 30 days.

1. Andorra
2. Argentina
3. Australia
4. Azerbaijan
5. Belarus
6. Bolivia
7. Brazil
8. Brunei
9. Canada
10. Chile
11. China
12. Colombia
13. Costa Rica
14. Cuba
15. Ecuador
16. Georgia

17. Guyana
18. Hong Kong
19. India
20. Indonesia
21. Ireland
22. Japan
23. Kazakhstan
24. Lebanon
25. Macedonia
26. Maldives
27. Mexico
28. Moldova
29. Monaco
30. New Zealand
31. Panama
32. Paraguay

33. Peru
34. Russia
35. San Marino
36. Singapore
37. South Africa
38. South Korea
39. Suriname
40. Thailand
41. Ukraine
42. United Kingdom
43. United States
44. Uruguay
45. Vatican City
46. Venezuela

Similar to the 46 countries listed above, nationals of Pakistan can enter Qatar visa-free and spend up to 30 days in Qatar, during a single or multiple trips, with an option to extend for another 30 days, if the following terms and conditions are met.

Terms and conditions for Pakistani nationals
• Passport must be valid for at least 6 months
• Return ticket must be confirmed
• Hotel booking confirmation for duration of the stay must be presented
• The passenger must have a valid credit card
• Those coming directly from Pakistan should present a certificate of vaccination against polio
• The duration of the visa can be extended only after confirming the return ticket

If you have any questions regarding the visa waiver programme, please check our FAQs.

Qatar-Oman Joint Tourist Visa (Visa on Arrival)
This visa is issued upon arrival and is valid for 30 days for the State of Qatar and the Sultanate of Oman. It allows for multiple entry to both countries and is extendable for an additional 30 days for a fee. Citizens of the following countries are eligible for the joint visa:

1.    Andorra

2.    Australia

3.    Austria

4.    Belgium

5.    Brunei

6.    Canada

7.    Cyprus

8.    Denmark

9.    Finland

10. France

11. Germany

12. Greece

13. Hong Kong

14. Hungary

15. Iceland

16. Ireland

17. Italy

18. Japan

19. Liechtenstein

20. Luxembourg

21. Malaysia

22. Monaco

23. Montenegro

24. Netherlands

25. New Zealand

26. Norway

27. Poland

28. Portugal

29. San Marino

30. Singapore

31. South Korea

32. Spain

33. Sweden

34. Switzerland

35. United Kingdom

36. United States

37. Vatican City

Qatar Lifestyle


Qatar is an Islamic country but other religions are respected and Qatar’s cosmopolitan population supports many places of worship from Hindu temples to Christian churches. The timing of Islamic festivals and holidays depends on the lunar calendar, moving about eleven days earlier each year.

Dress code

The attitude to dress in Qatar is quite relaxed, but visitors (men as well as women) should show respect for local culture and customs in public places by avoiding excessively revealing clothing in public places.

Context is important. Bikinis and beachwear are acceptable by the hotel pool but not in public places in the city such as shopping malls, restaurants and government offices.

Communication & Utilities


The official language is Arabic. English is widely spoken and understood. A wide range of other languages are spoken within the hospitality industry.

Important telephone numbers

  • Emergency: 999
  • Directory Assistance: 180
  • Hamad International Airport: +974 4010 6666
  • Qatar Tourism Call Centre: +974 4444 4106


The country code for Qatar is +974. Qatar has two telecom providers, Ooredoo and Vodafone, which offer pre-paid and post-paid mobile services.


Wi-fi broadband hotspots are available across the country and are easily accessible at hotels and public parks. Many public places offer free Wi-fi. 


220/240 volts AC 50Hz. Socket type is square three-pin 13 amp (as used in the UK).


Tap water is generally safe to drink in Doha and other urban areas.

Doha’s lively traditional market

A stroll down the bustling alleys of Souq Waqif provides an authentic taste of traditional commerce, architecture and culture. The maze of small shops offer a dazzling array of Middle Eastern merchandise from spices and seasonal delicacies such as fresh dates and nuts, to perfumes, ornate jewellery, clothing, handicrafts and a treasure trove of souvenir bargains.

Traditional music, art and cultural shows add to the ambience of this special place which also houses a comprehensive visitor centre. Relax and soak up the vitality and atmosphere at one of its eclectic mix of great restaurants and cafes which offer traditional Qatari food as well as regional dishes and treats from Asia and North Africa. The souq is also home to a number of art galleries and a traditional falconry market.

Visiting times: we would recommend tourists visit Souq Waqif between 7pm and 11pm

Museum of Islamic Arts Tour

Experience 14 centuries in a few hours at one of the leading collections of Islamic art in the world. The MIA’s magnificent and imaginatively presented displays of the finest art and artefacts from across the Islamic world have earned it recognition among the world’s top cultural institutions. Marvel at award winning collections which feature paintings, glassworks, metalwork, ceramics, textiles and manuscripts and cover periods as important as Mughal and Safavid.

No visitor can fail to be impressed by the quality and diversity the collections, housed in a modern architectural masterpiece designed by IM Pei, winner of the 1983 Pritzker Architecture Prize. The museum ensures fresh interest through its constantly changing programme of special exhibitions.

A fee may be charged for some of these temporary shows, but admission to the permanent galleries is free. The MIA is also home to indoor and outdoors cafes, a gift shop and IDAM, a world class restaurant run by Alain Ducasse, who holds three Michelin stars. Onsite guides are also available to assist visitors.

Sunday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Monday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Tuesday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Wednesday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Thursday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Friday, 2:00pm to 7:00pm

Saturday, 08:30am to 7:00pm

Last admissions are 30 minutes before closing. The Galleries, Gift Shop, and Café close 15 minutes before closing.

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